We offer a wide variety of pumps for Industrial, Water, Sanitary, Aviation and Food Process Industries. This includes centrifugal, and positive displacement and progressive cavity pumps. These pumps handle a variety of liquids from boiler feed, chilled water, sump waste water, sewage, oil, jet & av-gas.


In the sanitary markets we pump potato salad, mustard, cottage cheese, meat emulsions, applesause with chunks and sugar slurry and many other interesting products with different viscosities and temperatures.


Complementing these pumps we offer filtration equipment and valves to control the flow of liquids, gases, steam and many other materials. We also measure temperature and pressure and level controls. We also controlling damaging surging and pulsations to prevent water hammer with compression bladders.


If we don’t have the product to solve your problem, we can suggest a product or manufacture that can.


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